Expert's Advise - Top 25 weddings Dos and Don'ts

Don’t buy wedding dress before choosing the venue Make sure you know the type of wedding you're planning and where. Yes, you can wear whatever you want, but if you purchase a low-key gown and you end up booking the Plaza, you may wish you went bigger and bolder, with the venue in mind           

Don't make guests wait for hours between ceremony and reception. If that's truly impossible or if you can't avoid a time gap, provide a comfortable spot for guests to hang out, drink and eat while they wait.

Don’t forget about your fiancé. Put aside the bridal to-do lists and go give him a hug this is not just party-planning time, it’s major life transition time. So talk to each other. Talk about your life together. Anything but flowers and appetizers, please.

Don’t seat older guests near the band or the speakers as it may be hard for them to hear anything else.

Don’t forget to pamper yourself. Treat your mom and maids the day before the wedding with an afternoon at the spa. You’ll have the time of your life enjoying facials, massages, manicures and pedicures. It will make you feel more relaxed and beautiful.

Don’t forget your guests with small children. Instead of putting “no children” or “adults-only reception” on invitations, ask your reception site manager if there is a small room or play area near the festivities that you can rent. Then hire a professional babysitting service to take care of the kids. Parents will appreciate your consideration and be able to relax and enjoy your reception knowing they are close to their children.

Don’t seat divorced parents at the same table. Let them each host their own table to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

Don’t forget to confirm that tax and gratuities are included in all vendor prices. If they’re not, find out how much they are.

Don’t forget to apply for a passport at least three months in advance if you are planning on traveling abroad for your honeymoon. For travel in some countries you may need certain vaccinations, so be sure to ask your travel agent.

Don’t forget about the vegetarians and "special need diet" guests. Fortunately, it is easy to accommodate virtually all dining preferences and restrictions with a little planning.

Don’t forget to feed your vendors.These are the people who will be working all day to make your wedding happen, so take care of them! Most vendors stipulate in their contract that the client must provide a hot meal, so make sure your caterer knows how many people you’ll be feeding. You’ll need meals for your wedding planner, photographer, videographer, DJ or band, and any assistants. 

Don’t go over three minutes when delivering a toast.

Don’t make guests pay for their drinks. You might not be able to afford hours upon hours of open-bar , but there are ways to cut those costs without asking your guests to pay for their cocktails. Instead, consider:

- Serve a few signature cocktails and Pair these with a few beer and wine offerings

- Have a limited open bar, break the evening up into two parts. Have a full open bar during       cocktail hour, then serve beer and wine during dinner. 

- Buy it yourself, If your venue allows you to bring in your own liquor, purchase cases yourself     from a liquor store that accepts returns of unopened bottles.


Do consider having your entire wedding at an All Inclusive venue. The convenience of having the ceremony, reception in one place and team of event professionals taking care of all details before, during and after your wedding is PRICELESS.

Do select the ceremony and reception locations nine to 12 months before your wedding. If you’re getting married in popular months in Florida  like February,March, October and November select these locations as soon as possible.

Do make finding the right caterer and baker a priority. Great food is critical to the wedding celebration. Interviews and tastings are a must.

Do reserve your photographer nine to 12 months before your wedding. Decide which shots you definitely want and which ones you can live without. When discussing photo packages, ask about black and white and sepia tones. This classic style of photography continues to gain in popularity.

Do consider table visits during your reception. It is a grand display of appreciation and respect when the bride and groom spend a few moments visiting their guests at each table.

Do check with your venue about their policies, especially regarding alcohol.

Do take advantage of a wedding consultant’s experience in wedding decision making. His or her ability to keep you sane during the planning process, and worry-free during the big day is well worth the expense.

If possible, do invite all guests to both the ceremony and reception.

If you want to continue your festivities into the early morning hours, Do consider chartering a transportation company to shuttle you and your bridal party to some of the hot nightspots.

Do begin searching for your musical group or DJ six to 12 months prior to your wedding.

Do force yourself to stop a couple of times throughout your reception and take it all in. This is what you have worked and planned for so enjoy yourself.