Friday Weddings vs Saturday Weddings

Yay! You’re engaged and the wedding planning is in full swing!

You’ve finalized your budget and you’re now mapping out venues and dates. As you start your conversations with the venues, you realize that there’s a big difference in price between Saturday weddings and Friday weddings.Friday weddings offer a more affordable option, as well as more dates available for your big day

You may be surprised, but non-Saturday weddings are becoming more popular by the second, especially in Florida. 

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Florida is a vacation destination

What’s a better way to end the week and start the weekend than a Friday wedding?! You and your guests will have the opportunity to celebrate to the fullest and everyone will thank you for allowing them to have their weekend to recover and still do their own thing.

After the wedding on Friday, there could be an after party or downtown evening. And then on Saturday morning no one has to rush out the door to make checkout time or make it to the airport. Instead, everyone gets to have a leisurely morning, wake up when they want, and enjoy the Florida weather and all attractions offered by our amusement parks and the beaches.

Most importantly this gives you both time to enjoy your first day as a married couple and have brunch with your friends and family and actually spend quality time with everyone who came to celebrate you. If you want to make your wedding a wedding to remember and enjoy for both you and your guests, then a Friday wedding is the way to go.

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Due to work commitments, some guests may miss the ceremony or be late. But they will be definitely there for a cocktail hour!

Some guests would not be able to take Friday off, but it’s an easy, natural way to trim your guest list! 

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If you can keep the stress and cost down and have fun, then you should!

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and schedule your private tour of Bakers Ranch! We still have some Fridays and Sundays available!

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